Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rock the Silver Shirt Arrived!

Love my new Rock the Silver tee shirt! It came the other day. I ordered it from Donna Pekar at Rock the Silver. Here's an excerpt from her blog to explain what Rock the Silver is about...

"Rock the Silver™ is an anthem for being fearlessly gray and relentlessly cool. Many people choose to hide their gray hair because they are fearful of looking old. When I decided to rock the silver, I thought, well, if my hair was going to be gray, the rest of me had better look pretty damn good. And I knew it would take some work. It's not about being a fashion, makeup or fitness expert, as I am none of the above. Instead, it's about being adventurous and open to possibilities ... being confident and knowing you can look as cool as you are inside. You can redefine what gray looks like. A disclaimer: I know as well as anyone that being healthy is more important than being chic. I'm in my 10th year of cancer survivorship, and I'd pick frumpy over sick or dead any day. But I have a choice, and I choose to work at being the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Getting sick, getting over it and going gray was the turning point for my style makeover! And now I'm having fun rediscovering who I am and wondering where my reinvention will lead."

I have so enjoyed reading her blog about her experience going silver and am now enjoying her tee shirt! My hair continues to grow and I continue to look forward to it being long. In the mean time I have found that if I blow it out and use some "product" to make it look a little funky I like it a lot better. When it lays down, it feels much shorter and very drab to me and that's not a look I like to have going on 'round here! :) I also try to make more of an effort with the clothes and make up (most of the time!). Although yesterday I found myself out shopping after having been to the gym: faded old workout capris, old gray tee shirt, NO makeup, and I can't even begin to tell you how my hair looked!! Sometimes I just let it go and do what a girl must. Funny thing was I was stopping to pick up some make up and I bought some black boots to tuck my skinny jeans in to and also wear with my new black CAbi pencil skirt!! I have to admit my biggest struggle is sugar (sweets!) and taking off some poundage! I vowed to myself when I decided to go natural that I would make a determined effort to eat right, exercise, and lose some weight. I can accept my natural hair color a lot easier if my body is in decent shape so I will keep trying, but I'm a girl who likes to eat so it's definitely a challenge. But hey, today's a new day!! Thanks, Donna, for your inspirations!!


  1. Your hair is definitely visibly longer - it looks so cute with a little wave in it!

  2. Thanks Deirdre! It's coming along!!

  3. Sue, hi! I found your blog through Donna's, Rock the Silver...
    Going Gray got me through my transition! I'm so happy with my color. I can't imagine going back. Authenticity! Gotta love it! Welcome to the world of silver sisters!

  4. Sue, I love the t-shirt and LOVE this hair style. You really look great. -Lisa

  5. Hi Sue,
    I am Laura, 4.5 months into transition.
    I love your blog. It was the first one I discovered when I decided to go natural. Thank you for writing and posting photos. You look great!

  6. Hi, Sue --

    I just looked at the photos of your hair-colored self and want to affirm what everyone else has already written. You look terrific with your natural hair color -- confident and cute as all get-out. Good call, giving up the dye.


  7. Hi, Sue,

    I followed you blog here from GGLG and have to tell you that you look fabulous in your update photo here. You definitely rock your silvers! I'm a few months behind you in my length and transition, so I'll love to watch your updates here.


  8. Love the silver hair and this great t-shirt. I let myself grey-out about 5 years ago because I tired of the white stripe down my part. I really like my silver hair.


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