Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Growing Pains

This is a question I've wondered about lately..... How am I going to stand growing this pixie short hair back out to a bob and if I make it, will I even like it in that style with this new color? Also, I can't help asking myself, "Does this hair color/style age me and if so, do I really mind since I am not 25 anymore, or 35, or 45 either for that matter?" When I get to feeling doubtful or frustrated, I find the best thing I can do for myself is go back to the "Going Gray Looking Great" website and peruse the photos of all those gals who have gone before me. There I find the support and encouragement I need to boost my spirit and eradicate my doubts about the choice I have made to quit coloring my hair. It will be what it will be. Short or long. Drab or dazzling. I remind myself it's more about who I am on the inside that shines through on the outside and less about my physical appearance. I've heard many quips like "you're as young as you feel" and "you'll always be young at heart" and I believe them to be true for the most part. So on I grow. The journey continues. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 16, 2010


In May of this year I had a notion to embrace my natural hair color. I realize I have gone from having had one sort of look to an extremely different look in just a very short (no pun intended!) time!
Looking back, it's been an interesting journey. My intention was to keep that long hair that I had worked so hard at growing out in the first place! But after one haircut that ended up not working for me functionally (I needed pony tail-able hair in this heat and when I work out!) and that wasn't happening anymore, plus the skunk line (though not all that perceptible to others) was to me, so off I went to the salon again with a photo of Jamie Lee in my purse. Now it's back to waiting for this hair, with its new color, to grow long again. This could be a journey all its own of weird styles on the way down to my bob. But once again I am determined to see it through. But seriously, it's just hair, right?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My husband and I recently attended his 40th High School reunion and I received the best compliment there from a couple that really made me feel great about my hair cut and color. The fact that I am now mostly silver and extremely short has taken me some getting used to. I still do a double take when I catch myself in a mirror or window reflection. When I went to the salon to have it lopped off I took this photo of Jamie Lee Curtis,

the intention being to get that style cut and because she looks so great in her silvery hair I was inspired. So, I am at the reunion meeting people and chatting it up and this husband says to me, "my wife figured out who you remind us of" and of course I said "oh, who is it?" and
he said, "Jamie Lee Curtis". Needless to say, that made my night. I told them it was her photo I took with me when I had my hair cut and thanked them profusely for commenting. Of course I took that as a compliment and later paid it forward when I met another classmate of my husband's who had gorgeous, long, softly curled, Emmy Lou Harris hair. It was beautiful and I told her how I was inspired by her natural hair. Compliments all around.