Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Wow! I cannot believe that I have let so much time pass since I last posted something about my sassy silver hair. :) It should be down to my waist by now, right?? Well, not exactly. While I was away not blogging about my hair for the last couple of years I have gone through several attempts to grow it out to one length. I would inevitably go for a "trim" and then I'd get cut with layers. I couldn't seem to just tough it out and let it grow. Finally for the last several months I have only had the ends trimmed and the layers have finally all grown out. I can truly say that though my hair isn't really long, it is one length. From here, I plan to grow it out longer and make style decisions later. One day recently I asked my husband if I should get bangs cut and his answer just about cracked me up. He said, and I quote, "don't cut your hair. just grow it out until you have more material to work with." So I am going to let the "material" keep on growing for the rest of the summer. The best thing about this length is that it goes back into a pony tail where it is most of the time during this hot and humid Tennessee summer!! I will be back soon!! Thanks for reading.