Friday, October 8, 2010

Still Growing...

I was just on one of the "going gray" blogs I follow (find it here) and enjoyed a post about wearing headbands while transitioning. As you can see from the photo I am already transitioned since I cut off most of my hair!! I had actually popped a headband on the other day before I had read that entry and thought it looked pretty good. Because I would love to eventually have hair that hopefully looks something like this...

or maybe even this....

and the road ahead to get there is long...I try to change things up a bit to keep myself from getting discouraged!
So I will probably try more headbands, maybe a scarf, and some different hair styles on the way, but look forward to much longer hair someday. Soon. Grow hair, grow.

Oh, and on another of my favorite blogs called "Rock the Silver" I discovered a very cool T shirt for sale. Needless to say it has a very cool logo with "Rock the Silver" across the front. Why didn't I think of that??? Maybe I should change my blog name to "Groovin' the Gray"!! Anyway, when mine comes (Yes, I ordered one!) I will post a picture of me wearing it. In the meantime, check out Rock the Silver and see the t shirt on it's creator! And check out her silver she's rockin'!


  1. Susan,

    I love the long hair pix that you found!

  2. The headband looks great - so feminine, and shows off the growth and volume you're getting. Stick with it - soon it'll be even longer! My pixie cut is starting to grow out and it's really gratifying!

  3. Here from the goinggraylookinggreat blog. You look really great with the silver!

    The headband is super-cute with it. I think the style flatters you. :)


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