Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Wonder

This is my sister in law and me a couple of months ago when my brother and she visited. When I look at the two of us I can't help but project out a year or more from now and wonder how much older I will look when my color grows all the way out. I think about myself in photos with friends and wonder, "Will I look a lot older than my friends who are actually a few years older than I am and will it bother me?" I suppose only time will tell. But it deters me not. I am firm in my resolve.

I mentioned in my first post a web site I had found that is a sort of online support site for women who have made the choice to quit coloring and "go gray." I registered and posted some photos and have been "accepted" in the "Newbie Class '10 Summer Semester 2". I really get a kick out of browsing the site and seeing all the before, during, and after shots. Find my story here.

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