Saturday, June 5, 2010

Month Two

It has now been one month, almost to the day, that I had my last highlights applied to help with the transition process and 2 months since my last root color application. So far, so good. I have not had the urge to return to coloring yet, though I can't say that urge won't manifest itself around the middle of this process when I'm about half natural on top and half ratty tired color on the the bottom! Who knows, that may be the time to go a little shorter without doing the pixie again. For now, I went for my first "trim" on June 3rd. I hadn't had a cut since April and I really enjoyed how little time it took in the salon for once. In the color and highlight days I would spend two to two and a half hours in there but now to just run in and get a trim...thirty minutes tops!! It was great! And with a serious difference in cost!!
I am getting some very positive feedback from friends and co workers about my decision. I sincerely appreciate the encouragement.
I find myself checking my roots in the mirror regularly, looking to see how much growth there's been, trying to figure out if my hair will be the beautiful shiny silver I am hoping it will be or if it will turn out to be a mousy gray with more brown.(Yikes! Then WHAT????) It is a slow process, that's for sure. When I think my hair only grows about a half inch a month, it's going to be a while until I get a realistic view of the natural state of it. I also find myself noticing silver haired women where ever I go now. In the beginning I didn't see many of them and now I find there are more than I first thought. And there is much variety in the color and styles I see. I have had to hold myself back from "interviewing" these women when I see one, resisting the temptation to get their transition story. Knowing me, I'll probably do it before too long!!
Here's this month's photo of my growth..


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  1. You look really pretty with your shorter style - but I can understand wanting to grow it longer - especially if that is what you are use to. Can't wait to see your progress - I found this blog from the going gray looking great website.


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