Monday, August 16, 2010


In May of this year I had a notion to embrace my natural hair color. I realize I have gone from having had one sort of look to an extremely different look in just a very short (no pun intended!) time!
Looking back, it's been an interesting journey. My intention was to keep that long hair that I had worked so hard at growing out in the first place! But after one haircut that ended up not working for me functionally (I needed pony tail-able hair in this heat and when I work out!) and that wasn't happening anymore, plus the skunk line (though not all that perceptible to others) was to me, so off I went to the salon again with a photo of Jamie Lee in my purse. Now it's back to waiting for this hair, with its new color, to grow long again. This could be a journey all its own of weird styles on the way down to my bob. But once again I am determined to see it through. But seriously, it's just hair, right?

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  1. Next week I'm getting the last of my dyed hair cut off. The grey will be a bit longer than yours (I did my last dye job in February), but it'll still be pretty short. I'm aiming for Emmy Lou Harris length hair, so it'll be a long process!


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