Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hair Cut

I had a strong urge to get my hair cut this week so I gave in to it and called for an appointment. I think that my desire for this transition period to hurry up prompted that urge in a big way. Change is happening with my hair, but very slowly and since I am no longer coloring, which was always a way to get a quick change, the only thing I can do now is get a hair cut and change the style. Originally I had the plan to have a half inch a month cut off the bottom and keep the same one length bob. When I went to the salon I asked for a half inch off the bottom plus maybe some light layers. Well, I think about an inch plus came off the bottom and I wouldn't exactly call it light layers. I am not sure if I'm happy with my decision but thankfully, hair grows and right now I am in the growing groove. My gray hair is coming in and the heavy highlights that were done back in May have lightened substantially so the line of demarcation is not too heinous yet. But I have a feeling it's going to be pretty soon. I fight the urge to just cave and cut my hair super short to hasten my transition to "au nateurel", and that may still happen eventually, but my vanity is still strong enough, for now anyway, to keep some length to it. So on I shall grow!!


  1. Hi, just read your post on GGLG. Thanks for posting your blog link. I'm a few months behind you, just 5 weeks into my skunk stripe. Unfortunately my hair is much darker than yours. I have it layered above my shoulders. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be tempted to cut it much shorter when my line of demarcation as you eloquently put it, gets more noticeably. Your color coming in looks beautiful

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Trudy! Having heavy highlights helped me but it was quite a different color for me as I was always darker. I am really having to learn patience here and what really helps is looking at the photos of those gals on "Going Gray, Looking Great" who have made it and how good they look. Isn't that a great website?? Are you on there, too?

  3. I saw your "Jamie Lee" on GGLG and I LOVE IT!

    I just did the same thing after seven months of the skunk and interim chops. The short hair wasn't too shocking for me as I wore my hair that short for most of the 90's. Like you, I started the dye jobs in my mid 20's after my first kid and when I turned 5-0, I wanted to see what my "real" hair looked like. Everyone, except my husband, thought I was nuts. Fortunately they have mostly come around and have realized I'm not going back to the time, expense and unnatural look of coloring.

    Now for the fun part, clothes, makeup and new glasses to go with my hair color!

  4. Hi Kathy! Thanks for dropping by my blog spot! Your hair looks great and I agree, now the fun part! I am hoping to begin the serious work on getting and staying in shape now. I have determined that if I am going to wear silver hair I want to be in good physical shape so as not to feel old, fat, and frumpy!! Hope I can accomplish this new goal!!

  5. You can definitely do it!

    The fitness part is important! It's difficult to block the time for yourself, but it's a good investment in your long term health and beauty.

    It's a constant struggle for me to find time to "work out." I think the key is find exercise that keeps you interested. I've taken up golf as a hobby and a sport and plan to add a free weight workout that I have done in the past and can do at home, to keep it interesting and less like exercise.

  6. Yes, I agree Kathy! And I have just joined a new gym near me where I will work out with a personal trainer with weights and also do Pilates and or yoga a few times a week as well as good ole cardio!! If I can just manage better what I put in my mouth.....:)


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